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In 1958, Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act which created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Think the Space Program isn’t important?

Here are just a few things created and enhanced by NASA that we enjoy today.

360 Degree Camera, 3-D Synthetic Vision Flight Displays, Advanced Hydrogen Sensors, Advanced Lubricants, Advanced Welding. Torch, Aerodynamic Bicycle Wheels,Air Catalysts for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Aircraft Collision Avoidance, Aircraft Design Analysis,
Airline Wheelchairs. Airliner TV Transmission Via Satellite, AiroCide TiO2 Air Purifier, Anthrax Smoke Detector ,Arteriosclerosis Detection, Artificial Heart, Astronaut Plant Bag, Athletic Shoes, Audiometric System for Hearing Assessment, Automated Urinalysis,
Automatic Insulin Pump. Automotive Design,Automotive Insulation,BAFCO Linear Actuators,Balance Evaluation System, Biomass Production System for Education, Bioreactor Demonstration System, Bioreactor Human Tissue Growth , Bone Analyzer, Breast Biopsy, Breast Cancer Screening, Bridge Safety Improvements, Cabin Pressure Altitude Monitor and Warning System ,Camera on a Chip, Cardiac Pacemaker, Cataract Surgery Tools, Chemical Warfare Hood, Chromosome Analysis, Clean Room Apparel, Clean Water for Homes, Coastal Zone Color Scanner,Compact Blood Diagnostic Equipment, Compact Fire and Rescue Extraction Devices, Composite Forceps, Composite Materials Development – Golf Clubs, Computer Joysticks, Computer-Aided Tomography, (CAT Scanner),Computer Reader for the Blind, Convection Oven, Cool Vest Therapeutic Suits, Cordless Power Tools and Appliances, Corrosion Protection Coating,Crop Dusting Improvements,Crop Growing Improvements,DeBakey Heart Pump, Dental Arch Wire, Digital Mammography,Diving Optical Profiler,DMI Remote Sensing Fish-Finding Service,Doppler Radar,Ear Thermometer,
Edible Toothpaste. Electric Car,Emission Testing,Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron Remediation,Energy Storage Systems,Engine Coatings, Engine Design.Engine Lubricant, Failsafe Flashlight, Fetal Heart Monitor, Fire Detection Systems, Firefighter Breathing System, Firefighter Radios,Firefighting Equipment, Fireman’s Air Tanks,Fitness Equipment, Flame Detector,Foam-In-Place Seating Technology,Freeze Drying Technologies,Gas Detector,Gasoline Vapor Recovery,Geosynchronous Orbiting,Golf Ball Aerodynamics, GPS Navigation,Helmet Padding,High Temperature Soldering Blocks,High-Pressure Waterstripping,Historical Document Condition Analysis,Home Insulation,Human Tissue Stimulator,Implantable Heart Aid,Improved Aircraft Engines,Inertial Motion-Tracking for Virtual Reality,Infrared Camera,Infrared Thermometer,Insulation,Insulin Pumps,Interactive Computer Training,InTime Agricultural Remote Sensing,Invisible Braces,Kidney Dialysis,Land Mine Removal Device,Laser Angioplasty,Laser Heart Surgery,Laser Wire Stripper,
Lead Poison Detection,Lifeshears – Emergency Rescue Cutters,Lightning Protection,Low Vision Enhancement System (LVES), Lubricant Coating Process,Machine Tool Software,Magnetic Bearing System,Magnetic Liquids,Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Medical Gas  Analyzer,Methane-Powered Vehicles,Microelectromechanical Systems,Microlasers,Miniature Accelerometers,Modified Carbon Nanotube Materials,Ocean Fluorometer,Ocular Screening,Oil Spill Control,PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot,Palate Surgery Technology,Personal Storm Warning System,Pesticide-Free Mosquito Killing System,Phenotype MicroArray,Photodynamic Therapy, Physical Therapy,Pill Sized Transmitter,Plantronics Wireless Communications Devices,Portable X-Ray Device,Precision Lightning Strike Location System,Programmable Pacemaker,PRO-SAN Non-Toxic Microbicidal Santizer,Prosthesis Material,Protective Clothing,,PureSense Water and Air Purification Systems,Quartz Clock,Radiant Barrier Technology,Radiation Hazard Detector,Real-Time Emergency Action Coordination Tool,  Remote Controlled Light Switch,Remote Command and Control Appliances,Ribbed Swimsuit,Robotic Arms,Robotic Hands,Satellite Computer Data Transmission,Satellite Computer Image Transmission, Satellite Crop Growth & Monitoring,Satellite Fishing Technology,Satellite Stabilization,Satellite Telephone Signal Transmission,
Satellite TV Transmission,School Bus Improvements,Secure Mobile Router System,Self-Locking Fasteners,Self-Righting Life Raft, Ski Boots,Skin Care Product Effectiveness Technology,Smoke Detector Improvements,Smoke Penetrating Forest Fire Analysis,
Solar Power Technologies,Solid State High-Power Transmitters,Space Pens,SpiraFlex Resistance Exercise Device,Stadium Roofing Fabric,Standing Wave Reflectometer Wire Analyzer,Studless Winter Tires,Sunglasses Blocking Harmful Rays,Surgical Brain Tumor Probe,Temper Foam Technology,Temperature Pill,Thermal Gloves and Boots,Thermal Protection Insulation,Three-dimensional Thermal Tomography in Radiation Oncology,Tire Deflating Devices – MagnumSpike,Tollbooth Air Purification,Ultrasound Scanners,
Ultrasound Skin Damage Assesment,VEGGIE – Deployable Vegetable System,Vehicle Brake Improvements,Vehicle Tracking, Velcro,Video Stabilization,Virtual Reality,Vision Screening System,Voice Controlled Wheelchair,Warfighter Accelerated Recovery,
Waste Heat Energy Conversion,Waste Water Purification,Water Purification,Weight Saving Composite Materials, Welding Sensor System,Whale Tracking Technologies,Windshear Prediction,WindTracer for Tracking Aircraft Wake Vortices,Wireless Communications, and the ZipNut.

Frankly, I think the Space Program was the most important creation of the 20th century, followed only by the Interstate Highway System.

I really like Ike!

It’s not just about the heroes, although they are important.  Where would we be without John Glenn, Alan Shepard, and Sally Ride?  And where would we be without velcro, teflon, and the microwave oven?

So, Happy NASA Day!

“Man must rise above the Earth — to the top of the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” — Socrates, Greek philosopher (469 B.C.-399 B.C.)

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