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Well, the shit’s hitting the fan again.  Get out the 409!

Ralph Lauren, an American designer who has all his clothes made overseas, was chosen to design the US Olympic Athletes opening ceremony garb.

F to the Ugly!

I’m sure you’ve read all about it, and again, I’m reporting yesterday’s news tomorrow, but I must chime in.

OK, so they’re red, white, and blue.  He got that right.  The Men’s jacket is pretty cool, and as far as cut and style go, they have a classic look.

That’s the UP side.

Problems perplexing the public are:

A.  They are made in China.

B. The skirt looks like something Bette Davis would have shot Edith Head over.

C. They are made in China.

D. They come with a beret.

E. They are made in China.

F. They come with a beret.

G. They have bobby socks for the women!  YIKES!

H. They come with a beret.

And frankly, no one, and I mean no one, looks good in a beret!

Many are UPset with the beret not because berets are of the devil, just like math and neck ties, but because they are un-American.  Beret’s are French.  Un-American?

Apparently many are still miffed at the masses in Marseilles.

And to top it off, our lawmakers have chimed in.  Harry Reid, among many others thinks they should be burned and new ones “rushed to the opening ceremony”!!  Yeah, let’s just spend more money we don’t have.

Steroids, uniforms, health care…which one should Congress be worrying about?

And shouldn’t we all be concerned about our Olympians winning?

Even though the IOC wants you to believe it’s all about the world coming together to show it’s best, for most, it’s all about winning…who cares what they wear?

Oh yes, it would have been wonderful if the garb had been garnered from the good old US of A, but look around…try finding something at Wal-Mart, Target, or Macy’s that’s made in America!

And of course, the bitchin’ that’s being bandied, the critiques coined, and the rowdy ruckus are all slightly tainted with a hue of hypocrisy.

Get over it!

After all, Phelps won’t be swimming in the beret, and hopefully he bests the boys from Bejing!

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