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No, I’m not talking about me!

I am talking about Erin Reznicek Wade, a newbie to the blogosphere.

And since Jenny and Emily over at Momminitup.com pimped promoted my blog, I feel it only fair to pay it forward.

So, meet Erin.

Erin and the guy who stole her away from us!

That’s her UP there with the sorry SOB who stole her away from us her husband, Mark.  The T-shirt’s for real, he’s a bonafide Army Ranger.

I’ve known Erin for about ten years now, we worked together at Brookwood High School.  She was/is a Special Education Teacher.  I worked in some of her classes.

She’s always been a looker.  Voted in a secret poll at North Georgia College as the best legs on campus, she remains a beautiful person physically, and is a beautiful person through and through.

Her new blog is called …..and along came Emily….. She’s knocked UP expecting a baby this August, and either it’s a girl or the kids gonna’ have a tough time in school!  Emily is so NOT unisex!

A faithful reader of Redneck Latte Ravings, she told me she started her blog on June 1st because she and Mark are moving to Alaska, and now’s as good a time as any.  So many changes are about to take place in their lives;  the move, the baby, and Mark is deploying soon after they arrive in Alaska.  He won’t be home for the birth.   Erin tells me that she thought of blogging to keep her family and friends UP to date on the doings at Casa Wade.

She, being not only beautiful, but literary, educated, and just plain smart, thought it might be a good stress reliever to write down her thoughts, experiences, and memories.

Totally Hot!

Right again!

Her inspiration for blogging was Vickery Ever After by her friend Jennifer Vickery, and of course, Redneck Latte Ravings, the – and I quote – “the first blog I ever followed.”

Tissue, I need a tissue!

In just a few short days, she’s posted about a good many things, and is working on “Fashion Friday” ideas…hmmmmm.

So, check it out by clicking here.  She thinks it is just a way to stay in touch with friends and family, frankly, I think it will be more than that!  I think it’s a hit already!

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