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Who turned 60 this week?

David Richards:

David Richards

He’s the Chairman of Prodrive and Aston Martin.  You know, the sexy car  Agent 007 drove.  He’s also a race  car biggie. He was the head of Benetton Formula Motor Racing!

And you know I won’t miss a chance to mention Skynyrd.

Billy Powell

Billy Powell would have turned 60 on June 1, but he died in 2009.  He was the piano player for Skynryd and probably one of the greatest Southern Rock Pianists of all time. He cheated death before, he survived the 1977 Skynyrd plane crash that claimed the lives of most of the original members.

Parker Stevenson turned 60 on June 4.

Parker Stevenson

The former Hardy Boy and Kirstie Alley’s ex doesn’t do much acting these days, but back in his prime, his good looks set the hearts a fluttering.

Harvey Fierstein, yep, he’s a Dragon in Drag from time to time.

Harvey as Ina Turnblad

He played the Mom in Hairspray before Travolta did, he was Virginia Hamm in A Torch Song Trilogy, and turned Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire in the movie of the same name.

He’s stopped donning women’s duds and taking on more serious issues.

Liam Neeson has played everyone from Jesus to Jean Valjean, and is still going strong at 60!

He rocked as Rob Roy!

He rocked as Rob Roy too!

That’s the Dragon UPdate for the week!

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