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Titus Flauvius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus is our lucky posthumous winner of the coveted Redneck Latte Ravings Ass of the Week award.

OK, so he’s been dead since 81 AD, and I’m a little late.

Today is the day he ascended the throne of Rome.

But, this is the dude who destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem, or Herod’s Temple.  Which, frankly, I think was a little tacky.

Not the temple, the destruction.

Anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic, Titus was considered a good Emperor, but his anti-Semitismmakes him a bad Roman Emperor in my book, and he wins this week!

Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez

Oddly enough, his Anti-Semitism aside, he had a torrid affair with Berenice, the daughter of Herod Agrippa I.   Berenice’s grandfather was Herod, the one who had the babies killed, her uncle was Herod Antipas, the one who was in charge when Jesus was crucified, and the one who had John the Baptist beheaded because he, JTB, had called him out for marrying is sister-in-law/niece.

You know, Salome, his step-daughter, did the dance, and Herod gave her the head of JTB to make her trashy mother happy.

Come to think of it, they could all win the AOTW award, but Titus, you’re it!

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