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Not Just Another Any Old Dragon

Author: UP’s  Sister

June 26

Back in January, the 25th of this year, the staff of Redneck Latte posted Are You Dragon? This post stated “…since 2012 is the year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, and I was born in the year of the Dragon 1952, I thought I’d check it out.” Subsequent post have included miscellaneous information on people, places and things that have or are turning 60 this year and can be read in the categories Who’s Sixty and Miscellanea.


On this train of thought, today’s post is a “guest” post from Zola (UP’s Sister)

Paul David Brads, the author staff of Redneck Latte of Georgia turns 60 today.

He was born in 1952,

First Photo with the family

(See baby on my Mother’s lap)

a leap year, Harry S. Truman was president, Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president, Elizabeth II became Queen of England at the age of 25 after the death of her father, King George VI.  A big celebration is expected this year (for Elizabeth the Queen, that is.)

Polio paralyzed the children of the world, Jonas Salk developed the first experimentally safe dead-virus polio vaccine, the Pill was introduced (but not made available to the public for another 8 years), the first plastic artificial heart valve was developed at Georgetown Medical Center.

Unemployment was 3.3%, the federal hourly minimum wage was $0.75.  The NY Yankees won the World Series (no surprise there).

Popular books were The Caine Mutiny, East of Eden, My Cousin Rachel, Giant, and The Old Man and the Sea.  Popular movies were Singin’ in the Rain, High Noon, The Greatest Show on Earth and Moulin Rouge.

Popular songs, would not be popular today.  Some musicians from this year are still very recognizable, for example Hank Williams, the Dominoes, Jimmy Forrest, Fats Domino, and Little Walter, just to name a few.

Popular (black and white) TV shows, The Honeymooners made a debut on CBS, others were I Love Lucy, Dragnet, Arthur Godfrey had two shows and NBC brought us the first magazine format program, The Today Show.  The Today Show celebrated their Dragon Anniversary recently.

Pertinent to everyday culture the Presidential campaigns were first broadcast on TV, the microwave oven was made available for home use (the size of a refrigerator and at a cost of $1200), the @#&#@-ing seat belt for use in a vehicle was introduced, Mr. Potato Head was patented, Mad magazine made its debut, the soap opera Guiding Light premiered on television after being a staple on radio since 1937, Ma Bell began use of the area code, the RSV Bible was published, the University of Tennessee admitted its first black student, Ronnie married Nancy, Howard Johnson’s was the world’s largest food chain, Holiday Inn opened, KFC began selling Kentucky fried chicken, Birdseye marketed the first frozen pea, Mrs. Paul’s introduced the frozen fish stick, Lipton onion soup mix became available and Lucy of “I Love Lucy” got pregnant, which had never before happened on TV.

A lot has changed, don’t you think?  Faithful readers will know that most named above has been blogged on at some time or other by the Dragon of the day.

Other Dragons born on June 26th include:  Claudio Abbado, Conductor of La Scala, 1968 to 1986; Neil Abercrombie, Politician, Governor of Hawaii; Paul Thomas Anderson, Film Director, Boogie Nights; Pamela Bellwood, Actor, Claudia Blaisdel of Dynasty; Robert Laird Borden, Head of State, Prime Minister of Canada, 1911 to 1920; Big Bill Broonzy, Musician, Blues singer and guitarist; Pearl S. Buck, Author, The Good Earth; Rebecca Budig, Actor, All My Children; Richard Bull, Actor, Nels on Little House on the Prairie; Abner Doubleday, Military, didn’t invent the baseball; Hal Greer, Basketball, NBA Hall of Fame; Bernard A. Harris, Jr. Astronaut, First black astronaut to spacewalk; Sean Hayes, Actor, Jack McFarland of Will and Grace; Derek Jeter, Baseball, NY Yankees shortstop; William P. Lear, Inventor, Lear Jet, Inc.; Peter Lorre, Actor, The Maltese Falcon; Colonel Tom Parker, Business, Elvis Presley’s manager; Aubrey Plaza, Comic, Parks and Recreation; Roy Plunkett, Chemist, accidentally discovered Teflon. Whew, nobody with whom I’m earth shatteringly impressed!!

But alas, the trivia provided here, may be of some importance (maybe not), may not be life altering and some of it is quite trivial but is not the purpose of today’s post.  I (UP’s Sister) would like to take this opportunity to share a thought or comment, a Happy Birthday wish to my favorite member of the staff of Redneck Latte.  My efforts are amateur, I’m not the writer in the family, so please allow me to take privileges and excuse my blatant errors.

Disco Paul

No he’s not Jewish and it wasn’t Halloween, it was the ‘70s.  He was is very fashionable, somewhat vain (still is) and everything, and I do mean everything, had to match.  I think I remember colored glasses to match his ties or shirt, but memory sometimes fails me.  So the memory could have been another person, in another time, but it sounds like UP so I’m stickin’ to it.

I’m sure most will agree that the Dragon of the day is a complex, sometimes complicated individual.  He sometimes offers critique and sometimes judgment, but is never hurtful in that criticism, nor dishonest in said opinion.  He is a deep thinker, sometimes to his own detriment.  I’m always amazed at the magnitude of his memory, his brain (he can put IBM to shame), and the volume of information, whether important or trivial that he retains up there.  He is sensitive, but strong, secure enough to enjoy his own company, but insecure enough to sometimes doubt himself, but anyone that knows him personally knows that he loves to the infinite degree, is true and faithful to a friend or loved one and if he’s your friend, he’s your friend for all eternity.  He is supportive and will sacrifice to help you when you are in need.  For example in March of this year he “dropped” everything to help his other sister.  She had suffered the loss of a dear friend.  He used all his vacation to assist her in final preparation details and all the other things that one encounters when there is a death in the family, as well as just being there when she needed him.  He’s spending this milestone birthday on the road, headed home, after being here, again, when we needed him, to help with Mother, while she recovers from her recent injuries.  Again a real sacrifice, b/c he’s on FMLA.  I won’t even try to expound on his qualities as a Father, his children are a testimony to that everyday of their life.

You’ve been there for 60 of my 63 years. (see photos above and below)

L-R Paul Brads, Don't Know, Diane Burns, Marlene Miller, Zola, Belinda Riley, Geraldine Daniels, Don't Know, Don't Know, Donna DeRae, Barbara Pelfrey, and Linda Kidwell.

L-R Paul Brads, Don't Know, Diane Burns, Marlene Miller, Zola, Belinda Riley, Geraldine Daniels, Don't Know, Don't Know, Donna DeRae, Barbara Pelfrey, and Linda Kidwell.

You’ve been a playmate, a companion, a partner in crime (or two, I’m sure), an adversary (sibling rivalry and all that stuff), a friend, my brother.

A skinnier Zola and a fatter UP on Zola's front step.

And, frankly I’m very happy about that!

Happy 60th Birthday, Paul!  I love you.!

Zola (UP’s Sister)

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