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…it’s the wrong holiday, and it’s a tad early for a Father’s Day Post, but hey, as my lovely niece, Jenny, says, it’s my blog!


Esquire magazine has named Bruce Jenner “Father of the Year”!

Facelift of the year.

I have to disagree, and very possibly agree at the same time!

One of the greatest athletes of all time, Jenner, puts UP with a great deal from his children and step-children.  He’s the step-dad of the beautiful one, the pretty one, and the other one, as well as biological dad to his two children with Kris Jenner, mom to the three mentioned above.

I have to give him boquets for not killing them.  I also have to give him brick-bats for not killing them.

His step-daughters sing his praises.  The other one says, “He’s just such a good person, with a good heart.” and the pretty one says, “He’s such a strong man.”, according to the article in the magazine, to which I have a subscription BTW.

You know,  he’d have to be.

Really look at the kids!

It’s not just jealousy, just because I’m probably not going to win any FOTY contests.  Some might say I’m a helicopter dad, I ask too many questions and already have the answers in my head when I ask them, and hold on to things a tad too much.  Or it could be because I had a hissy fit when my kids moved 500 miles away!! But, you learn as you go.  Sometimes you get it right, sometimes…not so much.

Maybe Bruce is learning too.

Bruce is a SAHD.  That’s right, I said it. A Stay At Home Dad.  Mom, Kris, works outside the home, promoting her spawn and their activities.

Father of the year?  I’m just not sure.

Maybe Bruce should go back to work.  After all, the kids are nearly grown!

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