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Breast feeding is a natural thing.  I have no problem with breastfeeding, I’m not very good at it, but really, when babies are born, if a Mommy can breastfeed, it’s the way to go.

Of course Time Magazine had to go and freak us all out about it with this visage.


The article isn’t just about breast feeding, it’s about attachment parenting.  “What’s that?”, you query.

Well, it’s breast feeding, co-sleeping, and baby wearing.  None of which are wrong…UP to a point.

My children were breast fed, everywhere.  Church, Wendy’s, the movies, the dinner table.  Really, it’s not an issue for me.  And frankly, TLW was very discreet when doing so;  and by all means, if a kid is screaming and the only thing that will quiet him/her down, and not get you thrown out of the restaurant is breast feeding, then whip that puppy out and hook that kid UP!

And, as to the age for weaning…it’s different for each kid.  My Mom will tell you that she remembers when her mother quit breast feeding her.  She had to, school was starting in the fall, and Grandma couldn’t go to the first grade with her. As I see it, there probably isn’t a more normal person on earth than my Mother!!  So, later – maybe not such bad idea. My children stopped on their own at about nine months.  Once they got real food, and could smear it all over themselves, the Mommy Fountain was ‘so last year’.

History has some interesting breast feeding stories as well, and we all know I feel I’ve failed if I don’t add a touch of the past to my posts.   The Spanish, as colorful as they are,  always have something to offer.  One Spanish king, Charles II, due to inbreeding, was born physically deformed.  Eons of inbreeding in the Hapsburg line caused Charles to be born with some seriously bad genes.  He was all of four years old when he came to the throne.  He was an invalid from the day he was born, and when he ascended the royal potty chair, was still being breast fed by a tag team of fourteen wet nurses.

I can just see that want ad!

His under bite was so pronounced he could hardly chew food, and his tongue was so large his speech was unintelligible.

A real royal catch!

But, back to the Time cover.

Really?  Necessary?  I think not.

If a kid has to stand on a chair and hook UP to Mom, it’s time to have a conversation about Tater Tots, Mac n’ Cheese, Pizza, and Cheerios!

Middle and High School are going to suck for this kid, pun intended.

Once the kids at Hooters High find out that Junior there was the bouncing babe on the chair, and Mom’s a hottie, his life is going to be ‘forshizzle’!

My only question here isn’t “Is breast feeding after a year and in public ok?”, because it depends on the child, the place, etc.  My question is, “What were Time Magazine and this woman thinking?”

Oh, that’s right, they weren’t!

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