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Who’s Sixty this week?

Chaz Palminteri, movie star and broadway actor.


He was born on May 15, 1952.  A devout spiritual Roman Catholic, his most famous roles were in The Usual Suspects and Bullets Over Broadway,  for which he was nominated for an Oscar!

He’s a husband, a dad, and a Yankees fan!

Psychiatrist, Dr. James Herndon was born on May 16, 1952.

Psycho Doc

He’s a doctor, an analyst, and a writer.  His research tool, Affective Encryption Analysis is considered a ‘trend’ in analysis methodology.  Frankly, I’m not so sure what the heck that is, and I’m snoozing already…so moving on.

He writes for LeeRockwell.com and writes about Ron Paul in the ‘modern media landscape.  He also writes about mood depression.  No connection I’m sure…wink, wink.

And, the King of Country, George Straight turned the big six-OH on Friday, the 18th.

George Straight

Frankly, if I have to go into detail about George Straight, you’ll have to surrender your Black Cowboy Hat and crawl back into your cave!

And, my high school friend, Mary Elizabeth turned sixty on Friday as well!

Mary and grandson

I’m so glad neither of us look it!

Good Skin

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