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…who misses Mr. T’s birthday.

I didn’t miss it, I was just waiting until today to do my wildly popular “Who’s Sixty” post.

After all, Mr. T isn’t the only Dragon to hit the big SIX OH this week.

Yes, Mr. T. graduated the same year I did.

How he managed to go from this…

High School Year Book

…to this…

Hollywood Hey day!

…is beyond me, but it made him a very, very rich man.

Laurence Tureaud was born on May 21, 1952 in Chicago.  He was the baby of twelve children.  His dad was a preacher. Famous for his unusual hair style, which he adopted after reading National Geographic, he said it was his statement of his African heritage.  The $300,000 worth of gold chains he wore were symbolic of his slave ancestors.  They took an hour to put on, and an hour to clean each night.  Frankly, a T-shirt that said, “Granddaddy was a Slave” would have been less work.  As a Born Again Christian, T gave UP his chains after helping in the wake of the Katrina disaster.  He said, “As a Christian, when I saw other people lose their land an property…I felt that it would be a sin before God for me to continue to wear my gold.  I felt it would be insensitive and disrespectful to the people who lost everything, so I stopped wearing my gold.”

He’s worked in a lot of films, TV, and other venues.  Mr. T was never afraid of work.  He was a bouncer and was ‘discovered’ on a world’s best bouncer show which landed him a part in Rocky III.  He then went on to Television’s “A Team”, where he played B. A. Baracus.  the B. A. was not a degree, it stood for bad ass.

And he was.

Also 60 this week is Al Sarrantonio, a fiction writer most famous for the Babylon 5 series.  He writes horror, sci-fi…stuff I don’t read, even though we’ve adopted the same grooming style.

Al Sarrantonio

Yesterday was the 60th birthday of Gordon H. Smith, businessman, former senator, Mormon, and a member of the Udall political family.  He, however, is a Republican unlike his distant cousins, Mo, Stewart, Mark and Tom.

Gordon Smith

I’m sure the family reunions are just dandy!

And I hope they all had happy birthdays.

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