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Ok, I know it’s old news, but I’ve held off long enough.

And, since even Snooki has weighed in, why the heck shouldn’t I?

This post will cause trouble.

I will hear from my lovely niece, Mackenzie.

I will take flack.

I will take heat.

I will not care.

The New Jersey mom who has been accused of taking her child into a tanning bed has caused quite a stir.

Over done.

Yes, she’s a tad ‘over done’.

The controversy has been not so much that she may or may not have taken her child into a tanning salon, a room with a tanning booth, or even a tanning booth itself – and I seriously doubt she did since the tanning salon would get in trouble –  it’s been because she looks like an Aigner Purse!  And because she’s as obnoxious as they get!

I’ll admit it, I tan.

Yes, we’ve all figured out along time ago that I’m vain…why, no one knows, but vain it is.  Plus, as an international blogger, I feel I must look my best!

I like a healthy glow.

As in tan, not fried to a crisp.

I don’t look like she does, because I don’t tan like she does.

I look like this.

Not crisp!

Here’s my educated guess as to why she looks like she does.

Number one:  she’s salon hopping.  I’m quite sure she has memberships at more than one tanning salon, goes to two or more a day, and doesn’t tell them.  No responsible tanning manager would allow anyone to tan more than once a day, and Susan, my tanning stylist at Outback Tanning Sugarloaf tells me when I need to lay off the laying out!

Number two:  she’s using ‘sunless’ tan.  For you pale faces out there, that’s liquid tan, fake tan, bottle tan, tan in a can…that kind of stuff.

Number three:  she’s actually sunbathing in natural sunlight, which is far more dangerous than the electric beach.

Number four:  she’s wearing dark make-UP.  As in make-UP for African or African-American women.


Number five:  she’s going somewhere and getting a spray tan – hence the orange look.  (For fake tans, air-brush tanning is the best.)

So, moderation is the key.

Tanorexia is a bad idea, and addiction of any kind is un-healthy.

If  you’re going to tan, and again, I do, do it responsibly.

And for goodness sake, don’t tan and drive!

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