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Dorm residents at MIT dropped a piano from the roof of a building onto another piano last week.

Total Waste!

OK, I’m not happy about this.

It’s a ‘tradition’ at the prestigious university, and frankly, one that should stop.  The tradition celebrates the last day students can drop classes and not have them appear on their transcripts.

I know, I know, I’m a total buzz kill.

But really folks, as a pianist – of sorts – this really ticks me off.

It’s a waste.

I have a piano. I saved for that piano.  And I love that piano.  And no, you can not have it to drop to its death from your overpriced roof.

In reality, I’ve had four pianos in my life time.  A really great Hammond UPright that I had to sell when I went into the Navy.  No room in the duffle bag.  A total clunker while I was in college in Tennessee; sold that when we moved, and Wurlitzer we have now.

I also had a MacPhail Baby Grand made in 1902, which I bought at an auction and sold the next week for four times what I paid for it.  It was a wedding gift to a lady from her husband.  Her children and grandchildren were fighting over the estate, and the judge decided to sell it all…hence, the piano became mine.

But, back to MIT.

The tradition started 30 years ago, in 1972.  I’m assuming it was some science experiment.  And people line UP at the bottom and make a dash to get souvenir pieces – keys, strings, stuff like that – from the destroyed musical instrument. the University doesn’t run the event, they are just there “to make sure nobody gets hurt.”

Though their approval is tacit, it’s approval nonetheless, and security aside, it’s no one, not nobody.  For the love of Liz, you’re MIT, you should know better.  Emily would be so UPset!

And, to top it off, there are people waiting in line to have their pianos dropped!!!

Frankly, it’s waste.  There are plenty of people out there without pianos, and would love to have an old clunker to give little Junior lessons.

And think of all those piano starved children in China!

Donate them to a school that will use them, not one that will destroy them!

So, next year, drop a drum stick or two.  Screw the whales, save the pianos!

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