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Recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook, “I really want to post something….I am so dull, got nothing…..”

I can’t imagine that.

She was never dull.

There have been a lot of people who have made a difference in my life.  Seriously, a lot.

The standard ones of course:  Mom, Dad, the brothers and sister, teachers, preachers, Miss Frances of Miss Frances’ Ding Dong School, Captain Kangaroo, you know…role models.

But, there are others.

Looking back in horror at my school days, I often wonder how I made it out alive.

Really, sometimes it was tough.  I was an odd duck, and often didn’t fit in.

But there were a few kind souls who included me in their circle.

She was one of them, and it changed me.  We were friends in high school, and friends after.  And though we live 500 miles apart, my memories of the times at her house are still very strong, and all very good.

I remember a beautiful girl, tall, skinny, fashionable, ‘hip’, crazy for the Beatles, and always, always laughing.

Never, never dull.

I remember a young mother, too young really, with a little boy she loved, caring for him, loving him, learning to be a mom.  Often times in harried and difficult circumstances, she loved that child.  I was there when she bathed him, played with him, fed him, sang to him.

She offered her home as a refuge for me, even when it wasn’t one for her.

Oh, life threw her, just like it does every one, a few curves.  Drama, divorce, disaster.  But she remained. She survived, never, never dull.

Life paid her a few favors too.  A husband who loves her, kids who care, dogs she loves and who love her, none of it dull.

And even now, in the few times we get to see one another, I walk into her home;  calming and cool, elegant, eclectic, a style that only she could put together and only she could pull off, and I am at ease.  I don’t have to pretend.  Our lives pick UP just where they were.  We’re 17 again.  We talk, we remember, we laugh, we cry.  But, we’re never dull.

And something tells me that if she’ll just Stick to what she’s done all along, there could not possibly ever be a dull moment.

No, never, never dull.

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