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…it was a Nazi Death Camp in Poland, and the President of the United States called it a Polish Death Camp.

After the President’s ‘gaffe’, the shtwitter hit the fan as the Polish Prime Minister demanded that President Obama apologize for the egregious error.

Seriously, dude, get a life!

Get a real cause.

Donald Tusk said that the President’s error smacked of “ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions”…OK, I have to take issue.

And I know this is shocking, because I frankly think ALL politicians are the tools of Satan or just plain tools,  but I must defend Mr. Obama.

There were Nazi Death and Concentration camps all over German Occupied Europe during WW II.  France, The Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, and yes, POLAND.

The terrible, terrible error was made by the President while he was honoring a Polish hero during a White House ceremony.

Jan Karski, a Polish resistance hero,  was honored along with  John Glenn, William Foege, Pat Summit, Madeline Albright, Toni Morrison, Delores Huerta, John Paul Stevens, and Bob Dylan at the White House this week.

Karski was a courier for the Polish resistance and heard that the Germans were murdering Jews, Catholics, Roma (gypsies) and homosexuals by the millions.  Jan managed to get into the Warsaw Ghetto and a Nazi Death Camp in Poland to see for himself.

The President and the honorees.

But, back to Tusk’s allegation.  It was not ignorance, the President surely knows that the Germans were running the death camps in Poland and across Europe. It wasn’t lack of knowledge:  see the previous sentence, I think ignorance and lack of knowledge are the same thing, and thanks for wasting twitter space Donald.  And I can hardly imagine that the President had any bad intentions.  I don’t think he was trying to kiss UP to the Germans while dissing the Poles.

It was at the very, very worst, a poor choice of words. Nazi Death Camp in Poland would have been better. But, Polish Death Camp takes UP less space in the world.

Get over it, Donald.  I’m sure there are bigger problems!

And frankly, if it wasn’t gaffe enough for Dylan to remove his sunglasses, it wasn’t a gaffe at all.

Bob Dylan, the original Slim Shady!

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