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…one of my 8,000 many Doctors, er, excuse me, Physicians, says that to me every time I leave his office.

He also tells me to drink less coffee Redneck Latte.

Yeah, like that’s gonna’  happen.

But, recently, he’s not been so pushy about the coffee thing.  After all, a new study shows that coffee drinkers live longer.

Yeah, I said it, they LIVE longer.

A study was done with 400,000 people.  Which I might add is more people than they interview to find out who’s gonna’ win the Presidency.  And scientists have found that they live longer.

Some famous past coffee drinkers include President Teddy Roosevelt.  He never touched liquor, but he drank a GALLON of coffee each day.


Teddy kicked butt in Cuba during the Spanish American War, took no crap from the rest of the world, stirred his coffee with a big stick, helped save the West for the future, and he lived to be 71, when most people were dying in their 60s.

Of course, there are wet blankets out there who want to pooh pooh the research.  But, coffee does contain anti-oxidants, and a jillion other things we don’t know much about.

It’s warmer now, I’ve slacked off a bit, and I’m not drinking the gallon of coffee a day I do in the winter-time.  I’ve cut back to about 40 oz per day.

Still, think about it.  Coffee drinkers are more alert, fewer chances of falling asleep at the wheel – that will make you live longer.

And, look at the “Friends” show.  Those people drank coffee all the time, and the freaking show is never going to go off the air!!!!!!


And what about Juan Valdez?  He’s been on TV since I was a kid…living forever!

Juan Valdez

But, back to reality, Johann Sebastian Bach was such a coffee devotee, he wrote a cantata about it.  And he lived to be about 65, when people were dying all around him.  He fathered seven kids too, so he was UP a lot at night!


And then, of course, there’s Voltiare.  50 cups of Redneck Latte a DAY!


He died at the age of 84!

In response , the researchers on Team Coffee say the research doesn’t really link coffee and long life,  just that coffee drinkers have less chance of respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, injuries, and accidents.

So, if you don’t mind, I’ll have another cUP!

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