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This has been a bad year for music.  Whitney, Dick Clark, and now, Donna Summer

Donna Summer died Thursday after a long battle with cancer.  She was 63.  It was the last dance, and one I can only imagine she’d rather have avoided.

Say what you want, but Donna Summer was the undisputed Queen of Disco.

Donna Summer

She reigned throughout the 1970s, highlighted by a mirror ball, in a frenzy of sweat, dancing, and partying we’d never seen before and have not seen since.

Gosh, I miss Disco.

There, I’ve said it.

I love Disco!

It was Dick Clark’s favorite music era, and well, if it’s good enough for Dick, then it’s good enough for me.

Summer grew UP in a devout Christian home.  Her mother said she sang from the time she could talk.

And sing she did.

Her music was loud, fun, danceable, and at times a little naughty.

“Love to Love You Baby” was a huge hit.  It was 17 minutes long and according to Time Magazine contained 22 orgasms!  And nearly as many kids were conceived to it as any Barry White song!.

And, on top of that,  she completely fixed “McArthur Park” after Richard Harris ruined it!

She won five Grammys, recorded with Streisand, and there’s been no one like her since.  She worked “Hard for the Money”!

Today, it’s called Dance Music – sorry folks, it’s Disco.  It was then, it is now, and it always will be.  Everyone else out there singing and dancing the night away is just a poser, following in the Queen’s wake.

Hate me if you want, dis me if you dare, Disco Was and IS great music, fun music, and the only music you could dance to all night long!

Her appeal is endless.

She made a mark.

In 2009, she was invited to sing at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony…see, nerds love Disco too!

Yes, I’ll miss Donna Summer, but thanks to her, I can always have the “Last Dance”

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