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I love the little oddities of history.  Oh, heck, I love history.  Every day has coincidences, every day has quirks, but May 10 is pretty interesting.

In 1774, on May 10th, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette became King and Queen of France.  150 years to the day later, Francois Mitterrand won the presidential election, and became the first Socialist President of France’s 5th Republic.




The Tea Act in 1773, and the Second Continental Congress in 1775 both began on May 1oth.  The first led to the second.

Tea Tax

In 1865, Union Forces captured Confederate President, Jefferson Davis in Irwinville, GA.  Three years earlier on that same date, Stonewall Jackson breathed his last.

Capture Momument in Irwinville, GA

In another oddity, Max Steiner and David O. Selznick were born on the same date, 14 years apart.  Max in 1888 and David in 1902.  The connection:  Gone With The Wind.  Any Scarlett and Rhett devotee will know that Max wrote all the music and Selznick was the producer of the mega-film that changed movie history in more ways than one.

Max Steiner

Again, coincidence?

In 1924, J. Edgar Hoover was appointed the Director of the FBI.  He stayed in the job until he died in 1972.  48 years after he was appointed, to the day, Robert Hanssen was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for selling US secrets to the Commies USSR.  He was paid 1.4 million dollars in cash…and diamonds.

Mug shot

It’s all connected, right?

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