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I was going to post about this earlier, but things came UP.  I’m sure you’re disappointed, knowing as I do, how you all await the dawn to see what thoughts have wormed their way through my brain.  Sorry to let you down, and I know this, like the Tanning Freak, is old news, but alas, I feel I must opine.

The girls of Wisteria Lane left us Sunday night.  I’ll miss Bree and the bunch.  She, along with Gabby, Susan, Lynette, Edie, Kathryn, and Renee have let us share their lives for the past nine years.  And, frankly, I love the girl shows. “Designing Women”, “Steel Magnolias”, “GCB”, “Petticoat Junction”.

I’ll miss Bree the most.

Red Hot!

Oh sure, it got a little over the top from time to time, and the Fat Gabby years were hard to take, and dumping Nicolette Sheridan was a huge faux pas, but really, where else could we have lived so vicariously all these years?

The finale lived UP to its hype.  Things turned out for the best for most of the girls.

Court room Shocker

Poor Karen excepted.  After all, she got on the witness stand, took the rap for killing Alejandro, and then breathed her last in one of the most touching scenes in the show’s history.

Really, it was pretty well done.

Reining the show in after nine years couldn’t have been easy, and the reality of the show is that it’s not reality.

No street looks like that;   perfect house, perfect people.  Think about it, at least one house on each street is an eye-sore, I mean, just ask my neighbors!!

Some of it was silly.  Just as they ruined the Edie character over the years, they gave Vanessa Williams – one of the most beautiful women ever to walk the earth – a role that was filled with silliness and shallowness.  It was shallow – and believe me, I know shallow!  It was beneath her, and frankly not believable.

The Prettiest One

I’m glad Bree didn’t go to jail.  I’m glad Tom and Lynette got back together.  I’m glad Carlos and Gabby are still Carlos and Gabby, and I’m glad Susan led the pack in moving away.  Seriously – THE most annoying character on the show! Whine, Whine, Whine!!

The shots of past characters who were killed off during the nine years was a nice touch.  I had forgotten some, there were so many.  Marc’s a murderous writer.

‘All’s well that ends well’, so says the Bard, and Marc Cherry and Co gave us outs for our favorite housewives, telling us what happened to them in the future.

That was the only part I didn’t like, I’d rather have dreamed that UP on my own.

Like I said UP there, I’ll miss Bree the most.  Really, the crazy husband who cried during sex, the gay son, the crazy husband in the wheel chair, the crazy boyfriend who was a murderer, the crazy boyfriend who was practically a boy, the crazy boyfriend who was a sex addict, the crazy boyfriend who was a cop, the crazy boyfriend who was her best friend’s ex-husband, the bastard son of her first husband who stole her business, the blackouts, the DUI, the gun toting card carrying Republicanism, the skanky daughter, her manipulativeness which she elevated to an art form, the awesome red hair, the cooking skills, the finesse, the OCD!

What’s not to love about that girl?

Hot Hot Hot!

Yeah, I’ll miss Bree the most!

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