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First things first.  I’m not being compensated for this post.  That should come as no surprise to any one out there, since no one gives me swag!

This is actually heartfelt.

I don’t watch a great many commercials on TV.  They are usually too loud, annoying, and frankly that Flo broad just drives me crazy!

But, while watching the Series Finale of “Desperate Housewives” (more on that later), I was moved by a Dove commercial.


I rarely believe statistics.  Numbers can be crunched in more ways than one, but these numbers if only half right are more than disconcerting.

6 out of 10 girls will stop doing the thing they love because of they way they feel about themselves.

There was no mention of boys, and I would guess the numbers are lower, but really, do we know?  Are there statistics out there?

But, back to the girls, and the commercial.  The ad shows little girls taking ballet, gymnastics, swimming; fun activities that do them good.

And 60% will stop, not because Mommy is too broke or maybe too lazy to take them, but because they don’t like the way the look, or for some other reason, have a low self-esteem.

And, again, there are plenty of people in the world, and I seem to know them all, who suffer from High Self-Esteem.  But, for a young girl to stop doing something fun, healthful, helpful, and exciting just because she doesn’t like the way she looks is really, in a word, heartbreaking.

So, Dove has decided to create and donate to a program that helps girls stay in the things they love, and learn to feel better about themselves.

You can find it on Facebook.  They have a page.

You can find Dove products in just about any store out there, and since a little bit of what you spend goes to help this important cause, I for one, think you should check out their products.

I’ve been using Dove soap for 35 years, and I ask you, “Do I look my age?”

UP Close

Check out Dove by clicking HERE, help the girls!

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