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I don’t usually do this kinda stuff, but…

…The old adage, “A man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.” rang true this week when CNN Democratic adviser Hilary Rosen, said of Mitt Romney regarding his wife,  Ann, “…guess what, his wife’s never worked a day in her life…”.

Hilary Rosen

And, might I add, the shit hit the fan.

Twitter was all ‘atwitter’.

Rosen was commenting to Anderson Cooper about the war on women.

Frankly, I’m no long sure which side she’s on.

Ann Romney did work.  She chose to work in her own home, rearing five sons.

Any mother of one will tell you that’s a full time job.

Five, well, that’s probably five full time jobs.

I would venture to guess that with the Romney’s wealth, they probably had help around the house.  But, maid or no maid, bringing UP five children, especially boys would be work.

The weekly laundry would include 35 pairs of jean, assuming they change clothes every day, 70 socks, 35 pairs of underwear, t-shirts, shirts, and tennis shoes galore.

The aroma alone would induce haz-mat pay.

21 meals, give or take a few if they eat school lunch, 35 good night kisses, hundreds of admonitions regarding behavior, decorum, and civil standards.

Countless sibling rivalry disputes.

Not to mention the fact that she had a husband, who like most…oh heck, all, had needs, desires, wishes, requirements, and from time to time needed advice and solace.

I am assuming, from the name, that Hilary Rosen is a woman.

And she might know what it’s like to rear children, and she should know that she insulted a vast number of American population with her comment.

The last time I checked, I’m still a man, and I’ll go to my grave before I say women who stay home, ‘don’t work’.

Hil, stay home with your kids a while, and see just how much work it is.

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