Today is the “birthday” of Bugs Bunny!


He was introduced into theaters in a short film called Porky’s Hare Hunt on April 30, 1938.  He wasn’t called Bugs Bunny then, the was just a Happy Hare.

But, over the years he became the smart alecky wrascally wrabbit we all wuv.

What's Up Doc?

Here’s a shot of what he’s looked like over the years.

The Evolution of Bugs

Bugs was created by several animators, but Tex Avery gets the credit for most of the idea, and the final Bugs we all know and love was the product of Rob McKimson.  Mel Blanc provided the voice.  Bugs was from Flatbush, had an accent to match his birth place, and his official birthday is July 27, 1940.

But, the fore-runner to Bugs was that Happy Hare back in 1938.

So, Happy Birthday, Bugs, and thanks for asking “What’s UP, Doc?”

It gave me something to post about!