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…Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor, that is.

I would have preferred Anne Hathaway, but Lohan can act, when she’s sober and not in jail, and she’s very pretty, and with the wonders that Hollywood can do – I mean just look at Meryl – she WILL look like Taylor.

Lohan Taylor

The Lifetime movie, called “Liz and Dick”, will cover the greatest Hollywood love affair of all time, that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

I’ve mentioned them from time to time, you may have noticed.

When you think about it, the similarities between the two stars are there.

Both had addiction problems, both had romance problems, and both could act.

Of course, Elizabeth never went to jail…and hopefully, Lindsay can work her filming around her community service, court dates, and court ordered counselling.

I do think the title should be changed, Elizabeth Taylor hated the nickname Liz, and NO ONE called him Dick!

Also, Lohan is the right age for the Suddenly Last Summer Elizabeth, but she’s a tad young for the Richard Burton years…but then again…Hollywood magic.

And you all know I’ll watch it!

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