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Again, there are things I just don’t get…

Like, Britney Spears $20,000 bra.

$20,000 Bra!

The bra has 18K gold skulls set with diamond eyes, which hang from an 18K zipper. Each skull is adorned with a hanging Swarovski Crystal Heart.  She was wearing it in a video promoting Hasbro’s new Twister Dance/Exercise Video.

Really, what ever happened to Maidenform?

And what about the Million Dollar Penny?

Million Dollar Penny

Now, I’m a hoarder collector, and I know things go UP in value, but really folks, a million bucks for a penny.  Ok, I know it’s old, it’s from the first mint, it’s rare…blah, blah, blah, it still ain’t worth a million bucks!

And how about that wedding cake from Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding A YEAR AGO?

One year old royal wedding cake

We tried to eat the top of our wedding cake a year later – it had been in the freezer all year – and it was disgusting!  And this piece of Royal history costs a few hundred dollars.  It does include an order of service from the wedding – oh joy, oh rapture, and it is going to auction in May.

A piece of cake from Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding to HRH Prince Charles went for about $1600, some 30 years ago.  The starting bid for Kate’s cake is $160.

And from the “this just in” category…

…one really fugly, stupid, moronic, prom ensemble…

Fugly dress

The flip-flops add so much, don’t ya think?

I just don’t get it!

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