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I’m sure I’ve just offended every one in the Sandwich Islands, and that probably means something dirty from Oahu to Lanai, but frankly I’m a touch peeved.

LUAHU is what you see when you’re pulling a U-Haul trailer.

I’ve pulled a few, the move from Ohio to Tennessee, the move from Tennessee to Florida, taking antique furniture from someone else’s place to mine – several times…things like that.

None of those experience have gone without incident.

And breakage.

My last U-Haul experience is no different.

Oh, their customer service reps are great, helpful, kind, cheery, blah, blah, blah.

But can they get anything right?

I don’t think so.

I recently made arrangements to pick UP an antique dining room suite.  Long story, and I’ll post about that in the near future, but the U-Haul thing is on my mind today.

I arranged to have a trailer hitch added to my gas guzzling SUV.  Could they send me to the closest one to me.


So, an extra 15 miles to Jimmy Carter Blvd., and voila, the hitch is installed.   Well, when the part got there.  But, I suppose there’s an UP side to every thing…and seven chapters later, I was nearly done with another book!

Not wanting to pull an empty trailer to Orlando, where said dining room suite was, I drove trailerless to Apopka, Florida only to find that my reserved trailer was at the Edgewater store.

Not what I asked for, and Michael, the manager ‘worked things out’ so that I could rent one of his trailers and not drive all the way to Edgewater Drive, where ever the heck that is.

Dining Room Suite loaded, by my wonderful nephew, Nick- of the cheese ball fame – and I was on my way back to the ATL trailer in tow.

All was fine when I got home.  Number one son met me at the house, helped lift and tote, and alas, the coveted dining room suite was installed in the kitchen where it belongs.

The trailer made its way back to the local U-Haul in Duluth on Pleasant Hill Road, where I had asked to return it.

They didn’t know I was coming.

They took it any way.

And now, 16 days later, I get an email advising me that they have charged my Visa an additional $380.69 for turning the trailer in late…13 days late.

I had the trailer from 1:30 PM on March 21, and returned it at 2:40 PM on March 22.

My math skills suck, but that’s not 13 days.  I can read a calendar, and I CAN count.

So, I called U-Haul, spoke with Saul, and he promised me that he would start a ‘dispute case’ and refer it to the area manager.

I’m beginning to think, LUAHU means ‘you’re screwed if your’e not careful’ in Hawai’i!

Late Monday evening, I got an email from the Area Manager…according to him, I’m being credited.

I’ll let you know when that happens.  In the mean time, check your Visa bill…you just never know what’s on there.

And you don’t want to get LUAHUed!

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