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Yesterday, my sister, Judy and I went to Lake Royale near Bunn, NC to check on some property.

More on that at a later date, it’s not the purpose of this post.

The trip was about 150 miles each way, the weather was nice and we had a great time together as always.

We did have to stop a few times…you know, gas, food, potty time, stuff like that.

So after we had passed Greensboro, we stopped at a combination Denny’s/Flying J.

I know, don’t tell the Waffle House folks, I may lose my WH Card!

At any rate, when I stepped from the gas guzzling SUV Jeep, I saw this…


And I ask you, “Is this really necessary?”

There was a garbage can about 10 feet away.  I am quite sure after one eats a chicken leg, one would most certainly have the strength to tote said bone to the trash.

As Momma used to say, “Trash is trash!”

And she wasn’t talking about the chicken bone either!

Really, the only thing worse could have been stepping on a condom…oh, wait, that already happened when I was in the parking lot of the High School where I worked.

Seriously, trash is trash, so throw it away!

And, BTW, Denny’s coffee tastes like oil!  I’m still a Waffle House Kid.

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