OK, I’m a pizza snob.

I’ve posted about pizza before, and how hard it is to find one in the South that tastes like one in Ohio.

And, frankly, I’d forgotten about Judy’s Pizza.

It’s been a long time since she’s made one.

Reason number one is that she couldn’t find her pizza pans.  She’s not a pizza stone girl, she likes her pans, and she been using the same pizza pans for 30+ years.

Well, while in NC helping her go through things and start the probate process, I ran across her pizza pans.

She never makes fewer than four.

Pizza assembly line

We had Judy’s Pizza for the first time in years tonight, and it was AWESOME!

Ready to eat

And of course, Faye brought a Strawberry Pie for dessert!

Faye's Strawberry Pie

I really need to get back home and back to the gym!