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The Pollen Count in the Atlanta area today was over 1500.  12 is considered high.

Really, it’s like yellow snow.

Pollen Covered Cars

This week’s pollen is tree pollen and Azalea pollen.

You can smell it.

You can taste it.

I have 60 trees in my yard.

My favorite flowers are Azaleas.

I have 60 of them.

You do the math!

I have Sweet Gum trees.

Sweet Gum Tree

Which not only produce pollen, but sweet gum balls.

Sweet Gum Balls

I have Georgia Pines…

Georgia Pine Trees

Seventeen of my trees are Georgia Pines.

Again, math, you do it.

So along with the beauty, comes the beast.

Azalea 4

Azalea 2

Of course, IF it ever rains again, the pollen will wash away.

The rains will make the Gardenias come out…and the ferns….and the day lilies…and the grasses…and the Irises…

you get the drift.

So, as I walk through the yellow snow, sneezing, wheezing and all, I have to remember, every rose has it thorn, and the thorn of Spring is the yellow snow.

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