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I missed my sister, Zola’s birthday last year because Elizabeth Taylor died, and frankly, I was just a tad undone.

So, happy birthday sister dearest.

And to make it extra special, I thought I come UP with a few folks past and present who share your ‘day’ of birth.  Not necessarily the same year and all, but the day.

Joan Crawford.

Mommie Dearest

I’ll be nice.

Prince Felix Yupusov

Prince Felix Yusupov

He’s the guy who killed Rasputin.

Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie of York

She’s Prince Andrew’s daughter, you know, the one with the ugly hat at Will’s wedding.  I’ve seen your hats dear, really, you win!

Bettie Nesmith Graham

Bettie Mesmith Graham

She invented Liquid Paper, sold the company for $50 million bucks, and was Monkee Michael’s mom.

Nathaniel “Texas Jack” Reed

Nathaniel Reed

Former outlaw turned evangelist…Irony…and note, he has guns too!

So, I hope your day is a happy one.

I think of you every day, even when you never call, and I have to wait seven days at a time to hear from you, and you’re only calling to see if I’m still alive, because you haven’t heard any family gossip in a while, and well, I could go on, but really, I’m not that mean.

I remember happy times, the Thunderbird, (car, not the wine), and all our days.  I don’t see you as the seasoned citizen you are, I remember you this way.

Zola as Dame Edna

And, BTW, Dame Edna called, he want’s his glasses back.

Hope it’s a Happy One!

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