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First of all, my apologies to John Steinbeck.

It’s a classic novel, and I should be ashamed to steal the name for this post, but oh well, that’s just me!

Sorry John.

But, of late, I’ve heard some rustling in my Tupperware cabinet, and seen evidence of a mouse under my sink.


This just will not do.

Neither my cabinets nor my Tupperware are mouse potties, and alas, the rat must die!

Oh, I know they are cute and all, and we love a few of them…

…there’s Mickey…


…and there’s Mighty Mouse…whom, frankly is one of my heroes…

Cuter…and I’ve posted about him before.

And there’s that cute rat, Ratatouille,  from the movie of the same name…

Not in my kitchen…it’s a wonderful movie, very cute, you just fall in love with the little critter, and feel like sending a donation to PETA…

…but in reality, mice are dirty, ugly, nasty little buggers, they multiply like The Duggars bunnies, and they are NOT welcome at my place!

This is why!

So, the mouse, just like Earl, had to die.

Oh, this was a smart little critter.

He ate the cheese off the sticky trap I set.

He ate the cracker off the sticky trap I set.

He got the bait out of the $9.00 box thingy that has a door that closes, and he left ‘graffiti’ in his wake…yes, it was not pretty.

And he had to go.

So, after cleaning out the Tupperware cabinet, and washing 34 years worth of Tupperware – the big stuff by hand, and six dishwasher loads – I scrubbed the floor of the cabinet, threw away a few Avocado Green and Harvest Gold pieces, and carpeted the floor with old timey snap traps, sticky traps that would hold a small dog, and the box with the door that slams shut.

Well, this morning when I went to throw my coffee grounds in the trash can under the sink, there he was, all bugged eyed and squished…and I think he was giving me the finger!  You may think me in-humane and cruel, but that little critter could be wearing lipstick and eye-liner in a Lancome Lab for all I care.  Anywhere but here!

When it comes to mice and men, men win!

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