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The Eiffel Tower turns 123 today.

OK, so it’s not 60.

Eiffel Tower

Built as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, it was “opened” on this date of the same year.

It is the tallest structure in Paris, and will remain so.  The building code there won’t allow any structure over seven stories.

The tower is 1063 feet tall including the antenna on top.  That’s about 106 stories.

The view from the top is pretty amazing, and you can see for 37 miles.

Panoramic view from the top

Looking down is a little scary.

View from the top

Every movie set in the 20th Century and filmed in Paris had the obligatory shot of the tower…it’s practically a cliche!

It’s the symbol of Paris and for the most part France, although there are other older and more important structures.

Like Versailles…


Or the Arc de Triomphe…

Arc de Triomphe

Or wine…

Emily's Favorite

Or Bardot…

Brigette Bardot

But, alas it remains THE symbol of Paris, even though not every one there liked it.  In fact, many thought it was hideous.  French writer Guy de Mauppasant ate lunch there every day because “…it was the only place in Paris where one could not see the tower…”.

What a Guy!

What a Guy!

And, I still want to go there!

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