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I remember Downtown Dayton Days.  Slashed prices, great shopping, it was a retail holiday!

Rike’s – gone.


One of the saddest things to ever happen to downtown Dayton was the end of Rike’s. What a great store. Elevators you could get into. Aisles you could walk through.  The Mezzanine.  The Restaurant. Breakfast with Santa. Quality merchandise!

It was shopping – REAL shopping.  There were other great stores too.  Elder-Beerman, real men’s shops, real dress shops, dime stores, shoe stores.  I bought all my shoes at Wendel’s Bootery.   Back in the day, Wendel’s was on Third Street (I think), now it’s out on Philadelphia.  The shoes were stylish, modern, and “disco-ready”.

Oh, I loved to shop!

Remember these…

Rikes Charg A Plate

My very first “credit card”…and I might add, the beginning of the demise of my financial security!

Rikes Charge A Plate 2

It was called a Charge A Plate, and it was from Rike’s. I suppose it’s the sentimental hoarder in me that kept it all these years.  I got it right before Christmas in 1972.  I was proud of the presents I got for everyone that year…all from Rike’s. I doubt that Amy still has the white fuzzy coat or Charles Laton has the six shooters – frankly, I doubt that his Mom ever let him play with them – but I remember them.

And I remember shopping in Downtown Dayton, Downtown Dayton Days  – especially Rike’s!

Really, Wal-Mart just doesn’t compare.

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