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Sophia Dorothea of Celle was the wife and cousin of George Louis, or as he was known in Germany, Georg Ludwig.

He was a real winner!

Georg Ludwig aka King George I of Great Britain

Famous for his fancy clothes, his refusal to speak English, and his bad attitude, George Louis was just about the worst husband ever!

Sophia Dorothea was married to the tyrant in an arranged marriage of state.  His mummy wanted to keep all that German Coin together, and cast her net about for a princess/duchess that would bring a huge dowry.

Sophia Dorothea brought her cash and her other admirable assets to the tiny kingdom of Hanover when she wed her first cousin.

Sophia Dorothea

Other than breeding heirs, George wasn’t interested in Dorothea as a spouse.  He had a mistress, was tied to his mother’s apron strings, and was just about as gutless as they come.

Mummy ran the show.

After popping out two spawn, Sophia D decided that being ignored by just about everyone at court was all she could take.

So, she took a lover.

Yes, she was an errant queen and an adulteress.

But, tit for tat, no pun in tended, hubs had a girlfriend, so why shouldn’t Sophie D boink a Swede  or two?

And she did.

Most notably, this dude…

Philandering Phil

Philip Christoph von Konigsmarck  was a Swedish Count.  His sister was a lady in waiting to Sophia D, and she set things UP so that the lovers could meet.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the castle, George Louis was boinking his mistress  Melusine von der Schulenburg, no, I’m not making that name UP, and I now know why all those agents at Ellis Island changed everyone’s name when they came in.  Really, Vanna, can someone buy a vowel?


Melusine, seven years younger than her lover, was wise beyond her years.  But, she was a bit of a tramp, fell in love with Sophia D’s flame, Philip, and got totally pissed when he wouldn’t touch her.  She was thought to have syphilis, because A. everyone thought George did, and B. most of the nobility passed it from castle to castle, because they were doing any one who stopped long enough to hit!

Though her affair with George L continued until he moved to England to become King George I, she wanted Phil in the worst way.

But, Phil was rockin’ in the arms of love with Sophia D, and again, said, “Stay away from me you skanky ho’.”   At least I think that’s what he said, my German isn’t all that great.

Musey, was enraged by the refusal, hated Sophia D, and wanted both of them out of the way.  Knowing full well she couldn’t off the duchess, she tattled to GL that SD and PK were doing the nasty in the duchess’ chambers on a regular basis.

George L was happy to rid himself of his wife and was joyous at the excuse to send her ‘away’.

Musey and her minions had Phil killed in the castle.  Some historians believe he was dumped in the river with a bag of rocks, but most believe that he was buried under the Great Hall of the Castle and covered with quicklime to “kill the smell”.


Sophia D, distraught at being found out, refused to confess, was berated, tried, scowled at by the palace in crowd and banished to her homeland of Celle.

Even her daddy wouldn’t speak to her.

She lived in the ‘castle’ of Aldhern for 33 years a prisoner.

The castle was merely a big house, and hardly a castle at all.  But, alas, George L wasn’t all that much of a brute.  He let her keep her money, take walks, ride in carriages, and ‘take exercise’.

She wasn’t allowed to see her two children.  Ever.

Both of whom worshiped her, and honored her for life.

When Queen Anne of Great Britain died without an heir – she had 15 children, all of whom died before the age of 8 – George Louis became King George I of Great Britain, took Musey with him to England, made her a countess, left Sophia D. locked UP in the castle at Aldhern, and ‘ruled’ the British Isles as the first Hanoverian Monarch.

Sophia remained in Celle, beloved by her people, the uncrowned Queen of Great Britain.

Early on in their marriage, George was told that if Sophia died, he would not outlive her by a year.  On her deathbed, at the age of 60 (oh crap!), she wrote him a letter cursing him for his evils toward her.  When she died, George I, refused to allow mourning in London, and was furious when their daughter, the Queen of Prussia, insisted that her court wear black.

Four weeks after Sophia’s death, and shortly after receiving the letter from her, George died as well.

He lived a life of hate, she died a prisoner of love.

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