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There are days when I think, “Things have changed.”

But, then I wonder.  It was nothing back in the day for a man to marry a woman 20 years younger than he.  She’d pop out a kid a year, die way too young, he’d remarry, now to a woman 30 years  younger, and the cycle would go on.

Every time I see Hugh Hefner with a 23 year old blonde bimbo, I briefly wonder, “What’s the attraction?”  Then I realize it’s fame, cash, notoriety.

And oddly enough, it’s accepted, and has been for years.  Harrison Ford and Calista, Hugh and (insert trollop’s name here) ________________, That Corpse and Anna Nicole; really no one even blinked.

But you let Ashton Kutcher hook UP with Demi Moore, and every one yells “Cougar!”

OK, maybe that’s a bad example since they’re on the skids and Demi’s in re-hab, but you get my drift.

Trying to keep a post short on a topic like this might be tough.  It’s a slippery slope!  But let’s look at a few Cougars.

Shameless and Nameless:  Friends of mine.  She’s 50, he is 31.  All three of her kids are younger than he is.  But, it seems to work – well.  They look happy, he approached her, they seem to click.  And like she says, “…all the men my age who hit on me are lyin’, cheatin’, a$$holes.”

Well now!

Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Duke of Anjou (you know, like the pears).  She was 48, he was 26!


She was bald, old beyond her years, but, she was THE QUEEN!

Elizabeth Taylor was 59 when she married Larry Fortensky, 39.  Sure it didn’t last, but looking back on it, all her husbands were 40 when she married them except one; her’s was the only age that was changing.


Catherine the Great’s lovers got younger and younger as she got older.  The great love of her life, Potemkin, tiring of her sexually, hand picked young studs to keep her bed warm.  Catherine  was randy, but not the nympho some would have you believe, however, one young man complained that he was often exhausted after a night with the Empress of all the Russias.  But, they went away happy when SHE tired of them; UPon dumping them,  she created titles for them, gave them land, jewels, and cold hard cash.  Her greatest invention may have been palimony!

Catherine the Cougar

And, how about that Wife of Bath from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  She was a randy little tramp.  Married five times, her last was a younger man.  They had a battle of the sexes, which she won.  Her money was returned to her control, he died early, she was happy, and remembered him as her favorite husband!

The Wife of Bath

Eleanor of Aquitaine was 35 when she married the 19 year old Henry II of England.  It was a blood match!  After her first marriage to the King of France was annulled, and a failed kidnapping try, Eleanor demanded that Henry marry her.  His brother was the would be kidnapper.  They fought all the time, he was unfaithful, she accused him of sleeping with…”every man, woman, child, and sheep between here and France…”, and the marriage ended in separation.  There was no annulling it that time, they had eight kids.  Most notably, Richard the Lionhearted.

Hmm.. we should have called her Eleanor the Cougarhearted!

Eleanor of AquitaineSo, Cougaring isn’t new, and it isn’t going away.

Halle Berry’s boyfriend is 10 years younger, Barbara Hershey’s is 20 years younger, and Hugh Jackman’s Cougar is 13 years older than he.

Mira Sorvino, +14, Mariah Carey, +13, and of course, there’s Madonna who is 51, and her new Jesus is a mere 27.

Madonna and Jesus Luz.

She probably has pointy bras older than he is!

Frankly, who cares?  Love is deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid.  But if it makes you happy, knock your self out.

After all, Ben Franklin wrote a letter to a young man advising him to choose an older woman as a mistress.  You can read it by clicking HERE.

But, I think the best piece of advice comes from that sage of wisdom, Bette Midler…”…it’s simple math, after all, 20 goes into 80 a lot more than 80 goes into 20!”


And she should know, her hubby of over 25 years is four years younger…ok, she’s a cougarette!  And he makes her feel so young!

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