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We hear so much about Hollywood marriages that fail.

Ashton and Demi, Liz and Nick, Liz and Michael, Liz and Mike, Liz and Eddie, Liz and Dick, Liz and Dick – the sequel- Liz and John, Liz and Larry, Brad and Jennifer..the list is endless, and after all, statisticians tell us that over 50% of marriages end UP in divorce court.

But, there are plenty of Hollywood couples who stay married for ever!

James Garner – you know, Maverick, Rockford –  met Lois Clarke at an Adlai Stevenson for President Rally in 1956.  He’s a life long Democrat, and a life long husband.

Fourteen days later, on August 17, they were married.

The boy didn’t take any chances.  He knew what he wanted.  And he wanted Lois.

He said, later on, “We went out to dinner every night for 14 nights,  I was absolutely nuts about her!  I spent $77 on our honeymoon, and it just about broke me.”

James and Lois

Well, 56 years later, they’re still married.  They have two daughters, Kimberly, from Clarke’s first marriage, whom Garner adopted, and Greta, called “Gigi”,

James Garner and daughter, Kim, 1958

Movie star, pitchman, husband, daddy, ICON…what’s not to love about this love story?

Garner and the Cooper Mini

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