I grew UP in a town called Germantown.  There are several Germantowns, but this one is in Ohio.  It’s easy to guess how said burg got its name, all you have to do is look at the phone book.

Zechar, Zehring, Zimmerman, Gunkel, Kuhn, Habekost, Mohler, Moler, Muller, you get the idea.

But, I’ve run across a few towns with names that puzzle me some.

Ever been to Loveladies, New Jersey?  Me neither, but I can guess how it got its name.  And what about Hooker, Oklahoma?  I guess they love the ladies there too.  And I don’t even want to guess how Hookerhole, LA got its name!

Horneytown, NC – I’m guessin’ the birth rate is off the charts!


But, maybe not, look at the population! 

French Lick, Indiana – Well, you know how the French are!  Fanny, West Virginia, I wonder if plus size stores abound there.

Big Beaver, Pennsylvania…ok, I’ll leave that one alone!

Butts, Georgia – see above, Fanny, WVA.  Same for Buttzville, NJ, and Lord knows what goes on in Dicktown, PA!

And there is Between, Georgia.  Between what?

Loving, New Mexico – who doesn’t, it’s the Land of Enchantment!

And some founding fathers must have been starving when they stopped to settle.  There’s Sandwich, Massachusetts, Cookie town, OK, Candy Town, OH, Bacon, DE.

Cheddar, South Carolina, I wonder if it’s a cheesy town.

 Ding Dong!
Ding Dong, Texas, probably right next to Ho-Ho and Twinkie!

Rabbit Hash, KY, Bread Loaf, VT, Whitebread, OK…I had no idea Oklahoma was ever segregated!

An what about Two Egg, FL?  One chicken?

Toast, North Carolina, Lick Skillet, Virginia, let’s hope the skillet was cold!

Coke, Virginia – it’s a mining town, so don’t get any ideas, and step away from the crack-pipe!

I’m guessin’ Coffee City, Texas is a dream vacation spot for me!  But, I’ll have to stop in Pie, WVA and pick one UP on the way.

There are two towns name Neversink and one named Neverfail, I wonder if they ever did.

I dont’ think I’d want to spend much time in Crapo or Dulltown or Ordinary, do you?

I wonder when Bummerville, CA was founded, the 1960s?

And who wouldn’t want to leave Hellhole, CA?