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…I stop at Waffle Houses along the way, they usually get things right.

But, alas, while on vacation last week, there was no Waffle House in sight, and being really hungry on Friday morning, and needing coffee badly, I stopped at another breakfast shop.

I’ll not mention any names, but Waffle’s isn’t their specialty. 

My order was pretty simple, like I’ve said before, I’m a creature of habit.

Scrambled eggs with cheese, wheat toast, and since I was starving, I went out on a limb and ordered sausage.

When the waitress placed the plate in front of me, I was sure it was someone else’s order.

The eggs were scrambled and toast was wheat.

But, the hash-browns and the bacon gave me pause.

I didn’t order them.

And I ordered cheese in my eggs.  There was none.

And there was no butter on the toast, and the jelly was strawberry, and I remember saying, “Anything but strawberry.”

Sorry, I just don’t like it.

I indicated politely, that my plate wasn’t what I ordered.

She could not have been more surprised. 

Now, I’m sure it wasn’t someone else’s order as there were only two other people there…now I know why…and both of them were eating.  Probably not what they ordered, but they were eating anyway.

When I told her that A. I didn’t order bacon, and B. I didn’t want hash-browns, and C. I wanted butter on my toast, she looked completely surprised.


Perplexed even.

As in, really, really surprised.

I indicated that I wanted what I ordered, and again, she was surprised.  The look of exasperation was one for the record books.

After a small argument with the cook, he agreed to fry UP some sausage.

She came back with a the same plate.  No butter, and a melted piece of cheese on top of the eggs. 

Sorry, but that’s just not what cheese eggs are supposed to look like!

Again, she was surprised when I answered with a “No, thanks.” to her question of , “Do you want the bacon anyway, while you wait for your sausage.”

My third request for butter was met with a scowl.

Breakfast just shouldn’t be this hard.

And cheese eggs should have cheese IN them, not on top of them.

And toast needs butter.

Frankly, I was beginning to look around for my heart doctor!

When she brought the sausage patties, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’d ordered links.

Next time, I’ll just drive further.  There has to be a Waffle House down the road.

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