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Florida has it’s problems, legal and otherwise.

Nancy Grace was able to convince a nation that Casey Anthony was guilty, but the state prosecutor wasn’t able to convince 12 jurors she was.

Taxes are high.

Insurance is high.

Unemployment is high.

The beaches are crowded with drunken teens.

And it’s really hot there!

So, it’s kinda nice to see the Sunshine State win one once in a while.

And win they did.

Well, it took 32 years, but at least they caught Frederick Barrett.  Mr. Barrett, who is now, unlike me (did ya hear that Jenny), 60, had been on the run for 32 years!!

Convicted of murdering a man who gave him and a buddy a ride on the Florida Turnpike years ago, he slinked out of the Raiford State Prision, in the town of the same name, during a power outage.

Ok, first of all I lived in Florida for 18 years, and if prisoners can sneak out during power outages, the streets must be full of them, ’cause the power goes out all the time!

Secondly, 32 years?

Really, this guy must have been good.  They found him in Colorado.  He was living under an assumed name.  A tattoo on his hand ‘convinced police they had the right guy’.

And, he’s back in the slammer.  For life.

Which is good, since he, unlike Casey, was found guilty.

It amazes me that he could freely roam the nation and travel as far as Hawai’i all those years.

But, then, that’s one nice thing about America, we are free.  And that shouldn’t change.

Florida just needs to make the joint more secure.

Mr. Barrett was found in Colorado, as I mentioned, growing pot.  He also had guns.  Something tells me he didn’t go straight once he was out of the slammer.

But, alas, the thing that bothers me most, is the fact that through all those years, no one mentioned to him that the Unibrow was out.  He had one when he went into jail, and he kept it!!  Now, that’s a fasion no no!

The Unibrower

Frankly, I think another 30 years is only fair!

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