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OK, send the kids out to play!

I’ll wait a few minutes…

…hurry UP, times a wastin’.

I really wanted to call this “Is that a Hebrew National in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”, but Mae West’s estate  has lawyers, so I won’t use that.

This is a Fashion Friday Ass Of The Week Combo Package!

NY Congressman, and former roommate of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart,  Anthony David Weiner – no, I’m not making this UP – thought he tweeted a picture of a man in his underwear who was visibly aroused to his girlfriend, but it ended UP on his yfrog account.

He wishes!


Did I mention he’s married?

Well, he is.   He married a long time assistant of Hillary Clinton last year.   Former President Bill Clinton presided over the ceremony.  Hmmmm.

Did I mention he was considering a run for they Mayor’s Office in New York City?

Well, he was.

Arnold is so relieved!

Weiner says his twitter account was hacked, his TIVO is on the fritz, and his Facebook account was hacked as well.  Facebook says there is no evidence his FB accout was hacked.  And on top of that, yfrog links only to Twitter, not Facebook.  And TIVO has nothing to do with it.  Someone needs a better spin doctor!

Hmmm.  Damn those Republicans!!

He did say his toaster was still loyal.

Seriously, he said that, on Twitter.

The Tool Tweet turn on try was somehow, linked to his yfrog account.

Note to self, don’t get a yfrog account.

The Washington Whatcom College woman whom Weiner was wooing by sending the tweet, deleted her account.  The website, Big Government originally reported the story in their article “Hacked or Hung” – oh how I want to write for those people – unearthed the tweet, and broke the news.  The woman deleted her Twitter account, but Ironic Surealism, another site found a second account linked to the woman.

The woman who is believed to have had the Twitter account @GennetteNicole, tweeted in April, “I wonder what my boyfriend @repweiner is doing right now?

Ok, honey, lay off the Tequila, it’s making you stUPid!

It hit Twitter by storm last week, and was instantly dubbed “weinergate”…again…I soooooooo want to write for these people!

Of course, he’s been all over the news this week, even Anderson Cooper’s producer got called a jackass by Weiner by him.  Hello pot, meet kettle!  And Weiner hasn’t “categorically denied” the picture is of him, he is, however denying that he sent it!

Weiner Exposed

So, my Fashion Friday advice, guys – if you plan on sending a dirty picture of yourself to your girlfriend, or even taking one of yourself, and you’re a US Congressman, and your last name is for the Love of Liz, WEINER, expect for some journalist, blogger, or reporter to dig it UP!



The picture was UP on line, I’m not sure it still is, but if you just have to see it, you can bring it UP by clicking here.

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