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There are so many places I could go today, The TVA was chartered today back in FDR’s days.  Vasco de Gama reached Calcutta, India and changed the place forever in 1498, The Seven Years War (French and Indian War) started in 1756, Napoleon was proclaimed Emperor of the French in 1804, Lincold won the Republican Primary, The siege of Vicksburg began in the Civil War, The Selective Service Act was passed in 1917, and Omar Khayyam was born in 1048…I could take the hight road, you know, go UP…but I’ve decided on the low road.

…Arnold admitted yesterday that he has a love child.

With a ‘staff-member’.


Not really.

A politician with a love child…John Edwards, etc…not news.

An actor with a love child…*insert endless list here* …not news.

A pissed off Hollywood wife moving out…not news.

I’m no longer surprised, I’m on the rare occasion, disappointed, but never surprised.

So, waht is news?  Schwarzenegger has inked a new deal for his come-back film, it’s called…”The Spermanator”.

I’m sure it’ll be great!

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