I couldn’t say this better myself, so thanks to the AP news source, here’s our Ass of the Week!


Thu May 19, 10:26 pm ET

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Authorities say a Georgia man “pocket-dialed” 911 and the dispatcher on the other end overheard people discussing a drug deal.

The Hall County sheriff’s office says no one was on the call made around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Col. Jeff Strickland says the dispatcher could overhear several people talking about a drug deal involving prescription narcotics.

Authorities say a deputy was sent to a Gainesville Waffle House restaurant where the call originated.

Strickland says the deputy eventually discovered the phone in an employee’s pocket. Strickland said the employee then discovered he had accidentally dialed 911.

Authorities say they confronted the 18-year-old Sugar Hill man and found that he had hydrocodone and alprazolam tablets and charged him with drug possession.

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