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Oh, Good Lord…

…Something really has to be done about these hats!

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

These two are Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York, the daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah (not invited to the wedding) Ferguson, and first cousins of HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

More on this mess later!

Why I Care…

…about the royal wedding.

I’m an anglophile

I’m a monarchy nut

I’m a bit of a romantic

I’m an English History nut

I’m a style watcher…and what goes on today will impact style for a long time

I’m that shallow

I’m hoping that they are happy

I’m hoping that it’s real, unlike his parents’

I’m hoping that enough of Diana’s genes are there to counteract some of the inbred stodgy Windsor ones

I’m always in the mood for a wedding

I’m glad so many people in The United Kingdom get the day off

I’m glad to have something to take my mind off Donald Trump, The Birthers, Gas Prices, Joy Behar, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Charlie Sheen

I’m glad there’s some good news

So, best wishes to the Happy Couple…go ahead Wills, kiss the bride!

Happy Birthday…


Yep, my Mother turns 92 today!

Mother and Aunt Diddie

The picture is of Mother and her sister, Aunt Diddie…Aunt Diddie will be 95 in June.  Mother is  the one on the left.

I was able to see her and a whole bunch of family over Easter weekend.

She would say it’s just another day out of the 33,580 she’s already had, but to us, it’s very special.

I’m a very fortunate man;  I have a great Mom, and I hope her day is a special one.

She has five children, eight grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren…

…So, Happy Birthday – from all of us.

Wedding Junk…

…With the impending nuptials of Will and Kate over in the Motherland, the greedy are coming UP with many ways to get your money.

In case you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can get…

… The Kate Middleton Doll…

Looks like Paula Abdul to me!

…That one comes complete with a replica of the haunted engagement ring…

THE Ring

…Some are a low as $29.95, I’m guessin’ they are GENUINE!

And of course, you can get the Commerative Coin…

Wills and Kate Commerative Coin

…which is worth nothing and isn’t legal tender.

There are gloves…

Wills and Kate Gloves

…It may be 80 degrees now, but, winter’s a commin’.

And of course, tee shirts…

Wills and Kate T Shirt


Wills and Kate Mugs

…and china…

Wills and Kate China

…and just in case you were thinking of re-doing the kitchen, there’s the Wills and Kate Fridge…

Wills and Kate Fridge

And for the truly fanatic…Wills and Kate Condoms…

Wills and Kate Condoms

Oh, and there’s lots, lots more, but I’ll leave you with these…

Wills and Kate Pez Dispensers

…who can live without a Wills and Kate Pez Dispenser?

Now, I wonder where I hid my Visa Card!