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…Hell has indeed frozen over.

I actually agree with someone.

And it’s the President!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the President, I just generally don’t agree with ANY President, or too many other people for that matter…it’s just one of my “things”.

After all, when two people agree on everything, one of them is no longer necessary.  I like to stay contrary…it keeps me necessary!

However, President Obama said this week that “Too much testing makes education boring for kids.”

And he’s right!

He went on to add, “Too often what we have been doing is using these tests to punish students or to, in some cases, punish schools.” The president spoke to students and parents at a town hall hosted by the Univision Spanish-language television network at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, D.C.

Now, I know that all the talking heads will be all over this and stressing the “dumbing down of America” crap, but the man has a point.

There are other ways to prove you know something than just testing.  Kids do well in things that interest them, and kids do well when things are taught in an interesting way and not when they are taught “to a test”.

And what’s a standard?  Who decides?  How did they get the power to do so?  Does the Mississippi in “Tom Sawyer” really represent life, or is that just what some lonely spinster English teacher said a hundred years ago?  Mark Twain’s not around for us to ask…so, we make it UP?

President Obama went on to add, “policymakers should find a test that “everybody agrees makes sense” and administer it in less pressure-packed atmospheres, potentially every few years instead of annually.”

OK, back to reality, Mr. Prez, “everybody agrees”…dude, you’re in Washington…wake UP!

I know there has to be some sort of measurement, but the pressure cooker environment of testing kids and testing teachers, which is what it has become, does little good.

This recent push of the Obama education agenda comes from the fact that practically no one has met the requirements of the former adminstration’s Child With The Left Behind No Child Left Behind policy.  I watched it fail on a daily basis.

So, kudos, Mr. President…now, what’s your plan?

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