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They met on their wedding day.

King George III, or Mad King George may have lost the American Colonies, but he never lost the love he had for his wife Charlotte.

Mad King Geoge

Seriously, they met on their wedding day.  It was an arranged marriage, but it turned into a love match.

Queen Charlotte

Fourteen days later, they were crowned in Westminster Abbey as the King and Queen of Great Britain.

When his Grandfather, King George II died, George III was still single.  That just wouldn’t do for the British, so a bride must be found.  George III was hot for Lady Sarah Lennox, not to be confused with Annie, but somehow connected with the China people, but his mother thought the match was a bad one. 

Some mom’s are like that!

So Colonel Graeme, the court pimp, was sent “all over Europe” to find a suitable bride.  He never got out of the German states.  The British Royal family was then and remains as German as kraut. 

Graeme came home talking UP the good points of Charlotte Georgine of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.  His report included such highlights as … “while she certainly is not a beauty, her countenance was very expressive and showed extreme intelligence… she was not tall…had a slight, rather pretty figure… her bright eyes sparkled with good humour and vivacity… her mouth was large, but filled with white and even teeth; and her hair was a beautiful light brown colour…”

I’m sure she had a good personality and made her own clothes too.

What he failed to tell the King was that she was probably of African descent. 

The day after her arrival in England, Princess Charlotte married King George III in the Royal Chapel at 9 AM. 

Things didn’t start well.  The mother in law was a bit of a problem.  The Dowager Princess of Wales (translation…still pissed off because her husband died before becoming king and she never got to become queen and had to play second fiddle to a 17 year old German princess who WAS the queen) was running the show.

But eventually, things got better.

He fell in love.

She bore him 15 children.

He never took a mistress, the first English King not to. 

He bought Buckingham House for her…it’s the core of Buckingham Palace.

When the American Revolution was lost, Queen Charlotte was there for the King.

When King George became ill, she was named his legal guardian, she cared for him.

She died first, he was ill, blind, deaf, lame, and deranged.  When he died fourteen months later, he didn’t know she wasn’t there with him.

They were married for 57 years and 70 days.

He was mad about her.

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