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Ok, I know this is old news, but Joanna Douglas over at Yahoo Shine needs to either get glasses, or shut the heck UP.

She’s trashing Kate Middleton’s wardrobe.

As the self-appointed president of “The Let’s Not Turn Kate Into Diana Club”, I’d just like to say…Joanna, leave the girl alone.

Just about every outfit you trashed looked exactly like what a well-to-do young woman would wear.

What you thought was “The Best” apparently came from Ye Olde  Queen’s Consignment Shoppe.

Kate is HAWT!  And that’s one of the reasons HRH Wills fell for her.

One of Joanna's WORSTS!

This is one of Joanna’s “worst” picks.  The girl was going to a sporting event, and besides, the prom dress was at the cleaners.

One of Joanna's Faves!

This is one of Joanna’s “Best”.  Ok, the fabric looks like the wallpaper from a 19th Century Bordello, and the hat…oh, screw it, hats suck anyway!

All in all, Kate seems pretty normal to me.  She goes out, drives, goes to movies, has friends, went to college, got good grades, and all you seem to worry about is that her hats aren’t just right and she doesn’t always wear panty hose.

I’m guessing your legs don’t give you that option.

Jealous are we?

So, since jerks like you killed Diana, The Princess of Wales, shut the helvetica UP. 

Let’s not ruin Kate’s life too.

And, Yahoo-Shine…if you’re looking for a real fashion maven, hit the contact button at the top of the homepage, I’ve got time and taste!

Here’s the link to Joanna’s post.

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