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Tim Tebow…


Former Gator, present day Denver Bronco.

Born in 1987 while his parents were on the mission field in the Philippines, Tim’s mothers’ doctors recommended that she abort him to protect her life.  She declined to do so…whew!  What would the Gators have done?

Homeschooled with his siblings, Tim became a High School Football star at Nease High School, and went to the University of Florida becoming the star quarterback, and won the Heisman Trophy in 2007.  He was the first undeclassman to ever do so, and UP to now, the only one.  He was a double threat in football in that he could rush and throw with accuracy.

Bally-hooed AND boo-hooed, Tim eventually won out made the pros…we’ll see what happens next!

He changed football in that the NCAA adopted “The Tebow Rule” banning messages on eye paint.  Tim was know for his Bible verses on his eye paint during games.  Every time Tim put a Bible verse on his eye paint, there were millions of internet searches on each verse.  Other notable players such as Reggie Bush and Terrell Pryor have put messages on their eye paint as well.  The rule is sUPposed to enforce the orignal usage of eye black, which is to block the sun from the players’ eyes.  I’m just guessing here, but apparently the NCAA is way too politically correct, or just Godless!

And even though I’m not a Gator fan, and he led the Gators to victory in the national championship game over my beloved Buckeys of THE Ohio State University,  I’m sure this will make Shelby’s day!

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