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OK, so the world’s not perfect.  If it were, all you’d have to do to get on the boss’ good side is a little hard work, a little innovation, and a little butt kissing.  But, hey, it’s the 21st Century, and things just aren’t that easy.

Some researchers say the “nose to the grindstone” mode won’t cut it any longer.  Your boss needs to see you and needs to know about you and needs to know your accomplishments.

Really – this is new?

Shameless self-promotion is an art form, and frankly – call me Picasso.

But, it’s a serious subject. 

Really- the boss needs to know.

So, here are some good ways researchers say will help you “get on the boss’ radar” , “get noticed” , and get ahead.

1.  Speak UP – Professionalism is the key, humor is necessary, and tact – well, it may not be the UN, but you don’t want to be UN-employed, so speak your mind, make sense, be nice, and don’t be afraid to offer contradicting solutions. 

Solutions are the key.  Don’t be Ross Perot – here’s the problem, now you fix it.  If you come UP with a problem, come UP with a fix.

2.  Don’t be a “butinsky”, but if you can’t get a word in edge-wise, then lean-in, and start talking. Say something smart!

3. Know what you’re talking about – don’t be afraid to be the SME on something.  If you know how to do something, share it, let the boss know, show him/her that neat Excel trick or browser option.    Don’t be afraid to write an article for the company newsletter, it may get rejected, but it will get read – and remembered.

And if you don’t know, shut UP.

4.  Eat at work – most of the time – utilizing the company canteen, even if you bring your own, allows you to know what’s going on, see and be seen, and keeps you UP to date on changes around the work-place.

5. Read the magazines and blogs that apply to your work…and read mine too… this way you’ll have something to impress the boss with when she sits down to eat.

6. Get help when you need it.  Like breeds like, kharma, what goes around comes around and all that.  If you help others, someone somewhere down the line is gonna’ help you.  There’s nothing wrong with being a cheerleader or enlisting a cheerleader, especially when you don’t have to wear those slutty Dallas Cowboy outfits! 

Find a promotion buddy and sell each other to the boss.  Watch out, he may be dissing you and pimping himself!

7.  Don’t have “computer face”.  Really, walk away from the terminal once in a while.  The boss is never going to know who you are and what you do if you don’t come out of the cube and soak UP some daylight.

Constant electronic communication isn’t going to get the boss to recognize you.  Drop something off once in a while, smile and say hello.  Put a face with the email address.

If you work from home – come in once in a while, do lunch, stay current, stay on the radar.

On the down side, there are ways to get noticed that aren’t so great…we’ll leave those alone for today!

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