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Like I said last week, “the boy” graduated from NADC in Nashville, Tennessee.

Family Hair Cut!!

And we are all very proud of him.

It’s a 14 month program of hands on learning that teaches folks how to fix and maintain cars.  You know, keep them UP and running.

He was not thrilled with the town, dorm, and school, but he learned a lot and he was pleased with it.

It was expensive.

Very expensive.

I mean really expensive.

$33,000 worth of expensive.

Again, Sallie Mae –  we’re not close.

But alas, he accomplished his goals, learned a trade, and landed a job.

Not bad for a 21 year old.

Nashville Auto Diesel College is an internationally respected school that’s been around since 1919.   It is a private for profit school that is part of the Lincoln Group.

It ain’t pretty, there are no Frat Houses, no Quad, no mixers, and – seriously- no homecoming queen, but it’s a good school.

And he learned a trade.

Like I said, we’re proud of him…and by the way…it’s time for an oil change!

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