Ok, guys, Speedo weather is rapidly approaching, time to get to the gym.

We don’t want to see this…

Seriously, buy a mirror!

So, hit the slant board, hit the mat in the family room, work on that gut!

And, you may ask…What causes that gut?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Most people call it a beer belly, and in some cases, that’s an apt name.   Beer along with many alcoholic beverages has chemicals in it which break down the stomach muscles.But beer isn’t the only cause of a beer gut. 

It’s simply excess calories and lack of activity.

Well duh!

Men who over eat, over drink, and under workout are going to get a beer gut.  Men gain weight in our abdomens first.

Dr. Oz says that we have to manage our waist if we want to stay in shape, and trainers everywhere are always stressing “core” exercises.  Strengthen the core and the rest is easy. 

Well, it’s never easy. 

But it’s necessary.

So guys, If you wanna wear the Speedo, and please don’t, you need to hit the gym, track, or treadmill, lay off the beer, and watch those calories.

Summer’s only a few months away, and you know the ladies want us lookin’ like this…

Bond, James Bond!