What stresses you out?

Most experts say it’s these things.

Your doctor – waiting, wondering, wishing,  Sitting there too long can drive you crazy, wondering what the lump is can make it worse.  Get a doctor that’s straight with you, takes appointments and keeps them, and do your best to get in and out.  Quickly.  If they won’t comply, complain, or switch.  Or you could be like my Mother, and just not go…”I only get sick when I go to the Dcotor!”…She may be onto something!

Your co-workers!  Imagine that!  General consensus is that it’s the boss that causes the stress around the old salt mine.  But that’s just not true.  It’s that pesky, gossipy, nosy, you know what I mean co-worker that stresses most of us out.  Feel free to implement ‘smack a co-worker day’…just make sure there are no witnesses!

Your bedroom…ok…we’re not going there..we’re talking about decor here.

Is it too dark, bright, dull?  It should be restful, calm, inspiring.  If there’s a pile of folded or worse yet, unfolded laundry, stacks of bills, papers, junk get it out of there.   And the boudior is no place for the computer…it needs it own room.

Speaking of computers…your computer can stress you out.  Spending too much time on it?  Must be a blogger.  Is it ‘misbehaving’?  Get it fixed get a new one, give it UP.  Don’t let it get too you.  And if you have writer’s block…take a break.  Some researchers say that you should not take your work laptop home on the weekend.  It adds stress, makes you think about work when you should be relaxing or mowing the grass and keeping the neighborhood association off your back.  Research shows that being in front of a computer can increase heart rate, muscle stress, and TMI can stress you both mentally or physically.  If the boss insists…tell him that your doctor and UP said to stuff it!

While we’re in the bedroom, how about that alarm clock?  Alarm clocks with blue lights can interrupt your sleep!  It may not be apnea after all folks.  And how about that pitch?  Is it loud and shrill – or is that just your sleeping partner?  If either is such, time for a new one.  Jarring alarms can jolt you into stress, and we all know that’s no way to start the day!  Nuke it!  Find an alarm with a chime or set the radio to come on…no Skynyrd…and I rarely say those words, but classical, easy listening and the like is a better way to wake!

Facebook…I know I mentioned the computer, but FB is a  whole different story.  Frankly, I do not care if you need a neighbor in Farmville.  I got off the farm and into the city as soon as I could, and I ain’t going back!  One doctor says “social networking” can have an impact on your stress levels. 

Imagine that! 

As a blogger, and someone who is obsessed with the opinions of others, I check it all.  Facebook, email (six of them), stat counter…you name it.  All you bloggers out there know what I’m talking about.  I love keeping UP with old friends on FB, but there are some things I just don’t need to know.  Sorry!  Dr. L says that FB jealousy can stress you as well.  Bobby went to the Opera, Jane went to see Avatar, and your sitting at home reading Facebook!  It can get too ya!

Your keys.  This one I don’t get.  Mine are with me always, just like Jesus.  I never let them out of site, and…well come to think of it, that might be a stresser!  This includes things like your wallet, purse, cell phone.  Losing them or just not knowing where they are will cause enough stress for you that you’ll get UP and go look for them!  Even if it means letting dinner burn.

El Bano…that the bathroom for my English speaking readers.  How’s the lighting.  Put your make UP on and then look like a clown in the car…and for the Love of Liz, do not put your make UP on in the car!  That’s a stresser for everyone around you.  The guy in front thinks you’re gonna hit him, the ones beside you just get annoyed, and the one behind you is afraid your run off the road when you cram that mascarra wand into your eye!  Guys, this goes for you too!  I’ve seen that ‘guyliner’ out there.  Stop that…it stresses me out!  But, to the point.  Is the light in the bathroom glaring?  Does it flatter or highlight all your flaws?  How you see yourself when you get UP can be a stresser.  I look old, I look wrinkled, I look like I need more sleep….stop it.  Get better lighting.   If it’s flourscent lighting…dump it…it can increase ADD and ADHD symptoms in the kids…and who needs that crap?

There’s a Lowes on every corner!

The news.  Murder, rape, mayhem everywhere.  Check the traffic and the weather and dump the rest.  Who cares if Taylor Swift is still with Taylor Laudner?  And you alread know which neighborhoods to avoid!  So, start your day in a lighter mode and mood.  No news is good news.  I listen to my favorite traffic reporter, Jim Basille, and call it a morning!

And last but not least…the pets!  The dog – well, I took care of that little problem, and that sucker was a stress cyclone.  Inside, outside, poop, pee, feed, poop, pee, feed again.  And shedding!  OMC!  The last one could burn UP a Dyson!  We’re dogless – TYJ! – so I’m good there.

Have a stress free day!