…but, is she really worth $20 million a movie?

I mean, c’mon, Enough is Enough!!

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Regal Cinema Corp. is raising movie prices.

Thanks, Hollywood.  Aren’t these economic times hard enough without you screwing us out of a little more cash.

The last trip to see a movie, the name of which I no longer remember, cost me about $40.

Tickets – $20

Popcorn, Cokes, and Raisinettes, because ya gotta have ’em – $20.

And I can’t even remember what the name of the movie was or who was in it!

With millions of people out of work, prices out of control, and the economy in the toilet, can’t Hollywood give us a break?

Really, Julia, George, Meryl, et. al.  don’t you think a pay cut is in order for you as well?  Afterall, teachers everywhere are getting furloughed!

There are disasters aplenty in Hollywood, and we all pay dearly to see them…which reminds me, the next time there’s a disaster in the world, don’t hold a telethon and ask me for money. 

You make $20 million plus per picture…you build a new school in Haiti!

Thank goodness the library’s still free!